Saturday, January 15, 2011


Happy New Year to all of you in blog land!  Can't believe it's 2011 already!  Time is flying by so quickly.  I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season.

I am doing really well.  I'm feeling good and almost back to my pre-breast-cancer self.  Of course, cancer will always be a part of my life, but it really has taken a long time to get back to feeling "normal" since diagnosis, mastectomy, chemo, tamoxifen, prophylactic mastectomy, expander and implant procedures and surgeries.  What a roller-coaster ride it has been.  Today I am healthy.  Today I am feeling good.

I have asked my sister to update my website and will be incorporating my blog into that.  My website is TERRIBLY outdated, and so, it is time.  I will let you all know when the changes are made.  Not sure if my blog will stay here or if I will be moving it, but I will post at that time.  I see a LOT of cutting and pasting in my future!

I'm sitting at the computer tonight and am home all alone.  DH, ds and dd have gone to see a movie.  It's just me, the dog, the cat (sitting on my lap and trying to use the keyboard!!) and the birds.  The birds are telling me it's supper time, so I'd best be feeding them pretty quickly.  Birds make no bones about letting you know when they want their meals!  Tonight is no exception!
My Congo African Grey parrot, Abby,
enjoying her breakfast!
I would like to share with you a fabulous website I was directed to today.  The site is . What a wonderful lady.  Her site is so full of information on parrots and the best part is her "recipe posts" area.  Great to have so much information on feeding parrots well.  One never stops learning about these wonderful creatures we have chosen to spend our lives with.  Society has tamed these creatures, so it is our responsibility to try to care for them the very best way we can.  Thanks to Patricia for helping to educate us all!  That reminds me - I have a great photo of Abby, my CAG (Congo African Grey) taken a couple of years ago while enjoying her breakfast (left).  Thought it was a great photo!!!

Foster Bird "Dudley"

Below is a photo of the current foster bird I have.  He will be looking for a new home soon through the Greyhaven Program (  His name is Dudley and he is a very cheeky, sweet boy who talks and whistles and steps up (he's a bit nippy still, but we're working on that!) and just LOVES to look at himself in his mirror.  Can you say NARCISSIST?  LOL! UPDATE: Dudley has been adopted and has a wonderful new home with cockatiel brothers and sisters!

"Talk" soon!