Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Springtime Easter Bunny Giveaway!!

Angi over at Drakestone Primitives Country Cabin is having a generous giveaway!  She is offering the sweetest little primitive Easter bunny holding his own Easter egg - he is just SO sweet!  Go to Angi's blog and check it out! 

Sweet Bunny giveaway at Drakestone Primitives
Country Cabin - SWEET or what????
Good luck to everyone who enters and thanks Angi!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Sunday Morning Surprise

I love having Bantam hens around the farm.  They are SO cute!  We have a Bantam (meaning SMALLER) hen on the farm currently - her name is Molly!  She's VERY cute!  She came to live with us back in the fall.  She found a friend in Reuben the rooster.  He's a very handsome guy and easy to get along with.

The only BAD thing about Bantam hens is this.....

Molly the Banty hen and one of her brand new babies

I looked out the laundry room window this morning to see Molly with EIGHT of these!!!!!  It certainly WAS a Sunday morning surprise!!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Clear The Roads

DS got his "L" today.  In British Columbia, we have a graduated driving license program.  The "L" allows people to drive only with supervision for the first year.


The "L" is a magnet that is issued by the Government and it MUST be displayed on the back of a vehicle that is being driven by an "L" (learner) driver.

So, my friends, be forewarned!  The roads will NEVER be the same!!!