Saturday, March 10, 2012

Clear The Roads

DS got his "L" today.  In British Columbia, we have a graduated driving license program.  The "L" allows people to drive only with supervision for the first year.


The "L" is a magnet that is issued by the Government and it MUST be displayed on the back of a vehicle that is being driven by an "L" (learner) driver.

So, my friends, be forewarned!  The roads will NEVER be the same!!! 


Jean said...

Oh my goodness - your little boy is all grown up! (And thankfully I'm probably safe here on the island - at least until he gets his "N" license and then there'll be no stopping him!).
Congrats to your son, and best wishes to you - patience, courage, and a lot of love are needed to see one's children through their L and N stages.

Treasures Evermore said...

Tell L to let me know when he goes out...I will stay home LOL.

Congrats L...he is growing up SO fast.