Monday, February 6, 2012

The Seasons of Life

I had a pretty yucky flu before/during/after Christmas.  With the cough that was one of the last "stages" of this flu, I was affected for almost 8 weeks.  It was a doozy and many people I have spoken with have also been down for several weeks with this one.  My 81-year-old father lives with us in a mobile home on our property.  He is able to be independent and we each have our privacy, but are close enough if need be. 

Well, the nasty flu bug caught up with Dad.  He went downhill pretty fast once he caught it.  He also has prostate cancer, so is somewhat immune compromised with the meds he is on.  Well, within 10 days, I ended up having to call an ambulance for Dad. He had pneumonia. It was a particularly snowy night and he had fallen and was not altogether coherent, so I called because I certainly was NOT comfortable taking him into the hospital by myself.  He was in the hospital for six days and never left the emergency department of the Abbotsford Regional Hospital the entire time he was there.  That is how BUSY our hospital is!  After six days, he was released.  My sister, Karen, brought him home in a very weakened state.  I was out of town that weekend helping a friend move. 

Long story short, Dad is recovering, albeit slowly.  It turns out that he has never been truly sick in his 81 years on this planet!  Can you believe that?  He was nauseous in the hospital for several days and had never experienced that sensation before - almost impossible to comprehend for the average person!!! He is NOT a happy sick person (of course, who is??).  We have HomeCare coming in to assist him once a day with dressing and bathing.  I am helping where I can with meals, meds, etc. and my wonderful sister, Karen is helping me when she can.  She lives 45 minutes away, so it's difficult, but she is always there for me if/when I need her whether it be for physical or mental support!! Thanks, Karen!! Y

So, my life is not quite my own right now.  DS turned 16 on Saturday the 4th.  DD is 13 and they both are really becoming mature young adults.  I guess that's why they call us the "sandwich" generation - finish with the kids and then help care for the parents.  "Seasons of life".  I'm certainly not complaining, but it's not easy!

My dear friend, Connie, lost her Grampie at the age of 91 years on Saturday.  I will forever remember that date as that was DS's 16th birthday.  I had the priviledge of meeting Connie's Grammie and Grampie in 2008 when she and I went back to visit with her family in Ontario.  My thoughts and prayers are with you & your family, my dear.  I know how much you loved your Grampie and how special he was.

Blessings to all!  Have a great day!


Treasures Evermore said...

Lovely post Audrey. I'm praying for your dad that he will see how much he still has to live for..that he won't quit on life.

Thank you for your incredible support to means more than you will ever know. I seem to be doing okay...but random things just come up and the tears rhyme or reason. Like right now...I read your post and I am crying while typing...just so hard.

I also realized this is the first person in MY family that has passed away that I was incredibly close with. So I think that is also a reason I'm not doing good some moments.

Oh well...God is good and He gives me strength and he will carry me through...but He also brings wonderful friends into my life...and you are one of them.

Thank you again for everything. Glad you are posting as well.


Janet-Olde Crow Primitives said...

Hi Aud.
I called Dad yesterday and he sounded much better.
You can tell he is feeling better, as he talking about wanting to go to Tim Horton's :)

Take care,


Hi Audrey.
That was a particularly nasty flu that you had but glad you have finally recovered for the most part. Unfortunately Dad didn't fare as well with it turning into pneumonia and as you say, it is a very slow recovery.
I know it is difficult with this going on to feel settled in your life or that it is not your own, but you are doing a wonderful job and it is very much appreciated.
The kids really are turning into mature adults now. My how time has flown by. Every time I see them I can't believe how big they have grown. They are doing well.
I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Connie's Grampie. Even though it may have been expected it is never easy. My thoughts and prayers are with her at this difficult time and I'm sure she cherishes your support and friendship as you do hers.