Sunday, February 20, 2011

Under The Weather

I've been a bit under the weather this past week.  Just a yucky cold, but it has had me on the couch for a couple of days.  Just feeling really congested with a fever and no energy.  Very frustrating when thinking of all I SHOULD be doing!

My Dad has lost out on his trips to Timmy's while I've been not feeling well.  I missed getting him out Thursday and Friday. Dad quit driving back in July(ish) and I try to get him out every day for his Tim Horton's fix.  It's a bit of a handful some days trying to squeeze that in, but I never begrudge him (he is 80) and I just try to appreciate and enjoy him while he is here.  He has advanced prostate cancer, so his time with us may be short.  For now, he's asymptomatic and still able to enjoy his Tim's, so I try for every day, although that doesn't always happen.

On Thursday evening, I attended the once a month Women with Cancer support group in Abbotsford. My  friend, Deborah, came with me.  We were treated to a fabulous speaker that evening - Feather Janz.  What an amazing woman!  She's 39 and has had breast cancer twice (once at 23 and again at 35).  She's a young mother of two and is in the process of going through a divorce as well.  A trying time for her, for sure - on top of what she has already had to deal with.  She is such an encouragement to other women and a brilliant speaker.  You can visit her website here.  Her story is really something and she shares it with honesty, vigour, passion and sprinkles it with humour.  She has been speaking to women about breast cancer and breast self examination and awareness for years now. Feather is writing a book, so watch for that within the next year.  

Have a great week, everyone. 

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