Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Still Demolishing

There is no end in sight to the water damage in our house.  The demo crew (might as well give them a plug) were here on Friday to start, then the Project Manager came back on Monday morning to have a look, and then the crew were back again today.  They uncovered more floors and found more water (sopping WET floors).  Obviously, we have to find where the water travelled to and everything to that point needs to be replaced.  Can't remember if I said in my last post what it was - it was a very slow hot water tank leak - probably over about 10 years or so.  We are on a concrete slab, so it's not just an easy fix with going into a basement and doing it from below.....there is no BELOW here.

So, because the hot water heater was sort of centrally located in the house, it has spread in almost EVERY direction!  It's wet in my kitchen, in one of the kids' bedrooms and in the computer room and laundry room.  Before we can start REconstruction, the DEconstruction has to take place, and it's VERY stressful. That's not even to mention the MOULD that has begun to grow - don't even want to go into that.  

I had to leave today when they were tearing out my kitchen cupboards or I would have cried.  So, I took Dad out for his daily Tim's, and a nice hot cup of coffee sure made me feel better AND I didn't cry.  Not too good at dealing with stress since the cancer thing - something to do with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I think.

Did I mention that this is NOT covered by insurance?  Nope.  Nada.  Not a bit of it.  THAT is the part that really makes me want to cry.  There is no end to the scope of work that needs to be done, so that means there is no end in sight yet to what it might cost.  I know it could be worse, and I'm trying to keep that in my mind.  I've been feeling sorry for myself, but I realize that it just needs to be DONE and I need to grin and bear it.  Here are some photos of the computer room with all my appliances in it, and the hallway/bathroom areas.....

And my poor KITCHEN....

Hmmmm, I DID want the bathroom remodelled, but this was NOT what I had in mind!

Other than that, I had a quite uneventful day.  LOL!!!!!

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Ellie said...

Oh NO Audrey!!! I am so sorry! I think you have every right to feel stressed out! But God is bigger than this and He has a plan. I am praying for you!
Love you!